How It All Began

Who Is This Big Cheese?

Brendan Le Chasseur, cheese-lover and all round good food enthusiast ….

Brendan Le Grand Fromage

Brendan says:

“It all began in the mountains ….”

“I am lucky enough to have landed a job working as a hotel manager in the French Alps during the winter. We serve a 5 course dinner and one of those courses is a cheese course. To make it interesting I was telling the guests a bit about the cheeses, at least the ones that I knew about. But the chefs started getting more and more diversity so I had to start researching them,  at first just on the web. Then I bought a couple of books and it went from there. The guests really enjoyed getting to know the cheeses. I serve 3 different ones every night, so during the course of the week they sample eighteen different cheeses and get a bit of background for each one. There was one particular party of fun-loving cheese-loving guests who dubbed me Le Grand Fromage … and that was the start of it all. “