From Franche-Comte, it is the biggest selling cheese in France, over 40% eat it every year with over 50,000 tonnes produced annually. It takes 530 litres of milk to make one 45kg wheel of cheese. Affinage is a minimum of 90 days. Comte is an AOC cheese with very strict grading, any that do not make the grade get sold as French Gruyere.  It has a mild sweetness with a nuttiness around the rind.

Pont L’Evêque

Normandy’s second most famous cheese after Camembert. It takes  3 litres of milk to make one Pont L’eveque weighing around 3-400 grms. A 12th century document stated that every good dinner table would finish with a Pont L’eveque.

Created by 13th century monks and celebrated in the epic love poem ‘Roman de la Rose’, Pont L’Evêque is a soft, creamy cheese with subtle hints of salt and a sweet fruity tang. Its famous farmyard aroma, however, might be more of an acquired taste.

Made en carré (in a square) from cows’ milk in the Calvados region of Normandy, this smooth cheese is washed in brine as it matures within 5-6 weeks, which creates its distinctive golden rind.