Bleu de Bresse

This cheese comes from Bresse, to the the north of Vaujany, between Lyon and Geneva. A great introduction to blue cheese for people who are a little wary of it. It is very creamy with a hint of salt and an understated tang of blue.


This has to be one of the most famous of French cheeses. It comes from Normandy, which is famous for its cream. It takes around 2.3 ltrs of milk to make a 250g Camembert.  The cheese takes 2 weeks to make and the process includes being sprayed with a solution containing 3 types of mould.


Comes from the village in Normandy of the same name. It has a pungent spicy flavour. It is renowned for being smelly, so much so that they altered its production method to tone down the smell. The tast is better than the odour.